Hurricane-free, Safe Adventures in Bocas Del Toro




For Example. 40ft boat 40 x 6 = $240 per month


Boats under 20 ft and catamarans please inquire.


The Agua Dulce Eco Marina is located in the incredibly rugged and beautiful Panamanian islands of the Caribbean sea in Bocas del Toro. Surrounded by jungle, tropical islands, uninhabited beaches, caves and coral reef – there is no shortage of adventure. We are below the hurricane line and located in the very protected lagoon of Bahia Honda, Isla Bastimentos.  With only an 18 inch tidal change, protected by mangroves where the waters are generally calm and glassy smooth our marina is a safe and ideal location to keep your treasured vessel.

The Agua Dulce Eco Marina is completely off-grid and self-sustainable.  Power comes from our state of the art solar system and all water comes from our rainwater catchment systems.  The Agua Dulce Eco Marina is located on the Agua Dulce 55-acre sustainable farm .  Self-sustainability is our business and we live it every day.  The marina’s focus is on extraordinary service, both in quality and integrity.  In addition to the products and services we provide we are also a DIY friendly marina equipped with a workshop and sail loft with areas for guest use.

Here at Agua Dulce Eco Marina we have focused on finding ways to utilize local materials from Bocas del Toro, local labor and recyclable materials in the construction of our marina. Our floating dock system was built with all of these factors in mind and utilizes a floatation system that is made entirely of recycled polyethylene barrels from a soap factory in Panama City along with the highest quality materials for a long-lasting dock system. It was also built using local labor, many of which never touched a power tool before in their lives but with patience were trained to use them and over time they were able to build sections on their own, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment over what the have learned and what they were able to build.

The main floating dock is 200 feet (61 meters) long by six feet wide and three 30 foot (9.1 meter) long finger piers. The entire floating dock system is heavily anchored using 27 1,500lb (680 kilo) concrete anchors that have been jetted below the seabed creating an extremely stable dock and safe docking area for vessels. This type of anchoring is also more environmentally sound as we are not using pressure treated posts which is hard on marine life.

With 400’ of linear dock space and three 30’ finger piers we can accommodate 11-16 vessels comfortably. We’re not high quantity but we are high quality in both the services we provide and the marina experience. The finger piers are ideal for vessels up to 45’ in length for side-to docking. For catamarans and other larger vessels we have areas of the dock system for stern-to docking.  Depending on your the size and type of vessel and your goals, different slips offer different advantages.  From live aboard to storage we can accommodate your vessel in the best way possible.

Water depth on the main front side of the dock is on average about 12-15 feet. The backside of the dock is a bit more shallow and is best suited for catamarans.

The marina is fitted with utility pedestals that provide metered water and power. Both 30A (120VAC 60Hz) and 50A (240VAC 60Hz) services are available at each pedestal. And like many of the items here at Agua Dulce Marina these pedestals were also recycled and have been fully rejuvenated and are now ready to serve vessels again.

All of the water here at Agua Dulce Eco Marina is stored and pumped rainwater collection. We collect rainwater from multiple building roofs, filter it, store it in about 20,000 gallons of water bladders, filter it again and then pressurize the system with solar-powered water pumps.  Clean and safe for drinking.

All of the power here at Agua Dulce is generated with 28,800 watts of solar panels stored in a massive 8,000lb battery bank. We use high-quality marine rated Outback solar charge controllers and inverters. The system is equipped with lightning and hardy surge protection. This system was the largest cost in the building of the marina and as many of you off-grid and boaters know it is not cheap to generate your own power, even though many think it is free from the sun. We charge $0.45 per kWh for electricity here at Agua Dulce and this does not even begin to cover the cost of our initial investment but it will hopefully cover the cost of a new battery bank in the very far future.

Internet and Wifi is available throughout the marina.

As mentioned earlier the marina is located on a 55-acre property.  This property, Agua Dulce, is home to the owners and much of the staff.  The goal of this property is essentially a self-sustainable community.  With that goal in mind, we have planted many acres of eatable plants with many more being planted on almost a daily basis.  Since most of the property is jungle there are literally miles of jungle trails that meander throughout the property where you can see Whiteface Monkeys, Iguanas, Cayman, Poison Dart Frogs, Parrots and tons of other jungle creatures.  These trails are accessible by marina guests.

Another goal of Agua Dulce is to train up the local people around us, giving them much needed work and teaching them new skills.  We employ and train many local people and teach English classes.

For more information feel free to contact us.  Have a great day and thanks for learning more about us.

Agua Dulce Jungle Hotel

A Different Way to Vacation


Can you imagine making pina colada from freshly picked pineapple? Explore beautiful beaches. Snorkel with tropical fish. Visit Bocas del Toro…
Enjoy your morning coffee with a view of the Caribbean Ocean, read the news, and watch monkeys and sloths.

Healthy food – delicious and exotic food growing on the property.

– breakfast – lunch (fruits only) – dinner

Outdoor Activities-free of charge

– kayaking – snorkeling – dolphin watch – jungle trail – sandy beaches

Additional charge

– island-hopping – excursion to Bocas del Toro

– scuba diving – day sailing

Natural Setting

– learn more about tropical fruits and vegetables

– relax in the beautiful stress-free environment