We are below the hurricane line and located in the very protected lagoon of Bahia Honda, Isla Bastimentos.  With only an 18 inch tidal change, protected by mangroves where the waters are generally calm and glassy smooth our marina is a safe location.

200 foot long by six foot wide floating main dock

Three 30 foot long finger pier

Over 400’ of linear dock space to accommodate 11-16 vessels comfortably.

Water depth on the main front side of the dock is on average about 12-15 feet.


The marina is fitted with utility pedestals that provide metered water and power. Both 30A (120VAC 60Hz) and 50A (240VAC 60Hz) services are available at each pedestal.  (No air conditioning please, we have a massive solar system but air conditioning uses an incredible amount of power.) 

All of the water here at Agua Dulce is stored and pumped rainwater. Filtered multiple times , stored  in about 20,000 gallon water bladders.   The water is potable. We charge $0.07 per gallon of water used by vessels.

All of the power here at Agua Dulce is generated with 28,800 watts of solar panels stored in a massive 8,000lb battery bank. We use high quality marine rated Outback solar charge controllers and inverters. The system is equipped with lightning and hardy surge protection. We charge $0.45 per kWh for electricity here at Agua Dulce and this does not even begin to cover the cost of our initial investment but it will hopefully cover the cost of a new battery bank in the very far future.

Internet and Wi-Fi are free.

Bathrooms are available 24 hours a day. Each men’s and women’s bathroom is equipped with two sinks, two toilets and two showers with great views.

Laundry area for washing and drying.  We charge $4 per large load in the washer and $4 for the dryer.

24/7 security surveillance cameras and night time security.  We are located in a very safe area and have not had issues with crime but just in case.